Managing Stress By Living Like You Should Be

The world has evolved since the beginning of time, but there are things which remain, and that is we all have to deal with stress. The people before us, the holy, the righteous, the glorious, and even Jesus dealt with difficulties. They all struggled and found ways to cope with stress through conversing with God in silence, through prayer and meditation.


Yes, people have come up with different means nowadays to deal with stress such as traveling, shopping, cooking, or playing sports, but the simplest method is to do it just how Jesus did, and he followed through particular ways that helped him effectively manage stress.

The Things You Should Be Doing To Manage Stress:

You Must Know Yourself Better


You can understand where the stress is coming from when you know yourself 101 percent. Not all of us are from the same place, and some things may bother you but not others. Someone even said being good or bad is geographic. Maybe, it meant that we face different stressors based on the place where we are. However, as your place in the world may be a significant factor in determining who you are, your answer should always lie on what’s inside you and not your surroundings.

You Must Identify What Your Goal Is


Your goal must be to live just like Jesus did. There are many distractions nowadays like the lifestyle. People are too busy catching up with the demands of society. Notice how standard and norm today dictates your life like you got to have a degree, live in a mansion, drive a luxury car, cruise around the world, and wear the latest fashion. These are all life goals of people who are living in the modern world who have forgotten what life is all about, and that is to live for God and his will which is for us to be an instrument of His love.

You Should Know That Prayer Is The Most Powerful Weapon

Even against stress, prayer is the most effective weapon you can use. Prayer and meditation are best achieved through isolation and silence. It is challenging to concentrate and reflect when you are surrounded by distractions that’s why a church is quiet because it is a place where people should be able to converse with God intimately. You cannot pray and meditate in a mall or a club because these places are noisy.

You Must Find People Who Desire The Same Solemnity As You

The world is full of people who have faith, but some may lack a push to walk in the light. It is essential that you find people who are a true believer because they will serve as your guide toward achieving a simple and stress-free life. You may see that you have been burdening yourself about issues that faithful people may find uncomplicated. For instance, when you are blabbering about a conflict with a family member or a friend, a person with true faith may say, “Pray, be humble, and you will understand that everything is easy when you take away your pride.”

We are deliberately deviating from how we should live our lives. Everyone is busy chasing wealth, glory, fame, and pleasure, and these things are clearly blinding us. They are what cause our stress, yet we are determined to chase after them.

If we go back to how Jesus lived, we will realize that worldly matters are evil. They cause us to stray from the real path we should be taking. Wealth, glory, fame, and pleasure seem to be glimmering light in the dark. We think they are light, but they are actually leading us to walk in darkness. They are the source of all stress which we wholeheartedly embrace.

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