2015 Arlington Christian Assembly – Faith Will Save Your Marriage


The 2015 Arlington Christian Assembly saved my marriage. I can never thank the organizers of this event enough because if not for them, in part, I would be divorced now. The Christian assembly made me realize that I have to stop my sinful ways. I cannot love two women at the same time in a romantic sense. It’s not fair for the both of them. And so, I let go of my girlfriend and asked my wife to accept me back.

Gaining back her trust, respect, and love for me was not easy. In fact, she left me a couple of times, but I understood why she did that. In the assembly, it was discussed that I could never give up on the wife. I was the one who betrayed her and had an affair. It is also up to me to make it work again, no matter what the cost.

As for my girlfriend, I will have to say, I cared for her, but I realized that it wasn’t loved. It wasn’t true love. I was a selfish man, and I took advantage of them both. I’m not going to wash away my sins here. I am going to say it again and again. I have sinned. I have committed adultery. I have disappointed my Lord God. I have hurt my wife of 10 years, and another woman who trusted me with her love.


But I cannot go on punishing myself. What I did was ask for forgiveness from God of what I did. After that, I prayed every day and night so that I could forgive myself for doing it. While the path of self-discovery was on the way, I also made sure that I connected with my wife every single day. Yes, I received hurtful words, shouts, screams, cries, and at times, pushes. I took it all in, and you know what, my effort was rewarded. After two years, she welcomed me back into her life, and we’ve been more than in love ever since.

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